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Email Marketing Review

Is Your Email Marketing Living Up to Its Potential?

Was your last marketing email ignored? Did it fail to get the response you wanted? Want to know what went wrong? Here's how to find out. Send any marketing email, including subject line, links, and target audience. I'll review it and let you know why your message failed — and how to fix it.

Haven't sent that email yet? Want a second opinion before you push the button? No problem. Just ask for an email marketing review. Here's what you'll get:

  • Email Report

    (delivered within 5 business days)
  • key reasons your email doesn't get opened
  • tips for avoiding spam filters
  • how the right copy can get you more clicks
  • why nobody clicks through to your site
  • does your subject line attract attention or drive it away?
  • emotional copy or rational copy: which is better (and which are you using)?
  • Personal Marketing Consultation

  • Got questions? Get answers!

    I'll spend 30 minutes with you reviewing your report and outlining the specific changes you need to make to:

    • why the right list matters
    • the critical components of a successful landing page
    • whether you're talking to your audience, or at them (there's a difference, and it will affect the response you get).
    • how to improve your offer (hint: you don't have to cut your prices)

    Questions You May Have

    Q: I see a lot of people offering advice that doesn't fit my business. Is this "canned" information?

    A: Your assessment is custom, not canned. You'll get advice specifically designed to help YOU.

    Q: How long does it take to get my review? I need help fast!

    A: You'll get your custom assessment within three business days of making your request.

    Q: I'm a creative person, not a techie, will I understand you? Or will you give me a load of gobbledygook that doesn't make sense to me?

    A: Gobbledygook is banned at KaplanCopy. Your report will be written in easy-to-understand, plain English.

    Q: What if I still have questions?

    A: After you receive your report, we'll set up a time to talk it all over. You'll have a full 30 minutes to ask questions and get everything explained.

    Who is Jodi Kaplan?

    She's a marketing expert with 20 years' experience. She spent 14 years working for companies such as The Economist, Drake Beam Morin, and The Direct Marketing Association before starting her own business in 2003.

    She's consulted for The Conference Board, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Colorjinn, and small businesses across the world.

    What Jodi's Clients Say:

    Jodi's creative thinking, positive energy, and attention to even the smallest detail make her a valuable partner in the production of marketing material for small businesses. She is a strong asset to any company. — Uri Ruttenberg, Post Production Supervisor, AVdrive Inc.

    Jodi is a pleasure to work with. Her sense of humor, sharp eye, and ability to get the job done, made her an asset to the IAB team as well as a great friend.

    She is very knowledgeable about the industry and about her craft, and brings great wit and personality to her work. I highly recommend Jodi as a copywriter and marketing consultant. — Vanessa Soto, Manager of Industry Initiatives, IAB

    It's really easy to get started. Just click the button, get your credit card, and sign up. You'll get instant confirmation of your order, and an email response directly from Jodi.

    Email Review $197